LPCFC Programming is Made Possible by:

Adults’ and Children’s Alliance
A.H. Zeppa Family Foundation
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation
Cartier Agency, Inc.
Center of Prevention at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota
City of Duluth
Community Action Duluth
Diocese of Duluth
Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation
Essentia Health
Irving Community Club
Kohls Cares
Kiwanis Club of Friendly Duluth
Lloyd K. Johnson Foundation
Local Initiatives Support Corporation Duluth
Miller-Dwan Foundation
Minnesota Power
National Local Initiatives Support Corporation
Northland Foundation
North Shore Bank of Commerce
Ordean Foundation
Park State Bank
Rotary Club 25
Southern St. Louis County Family Service Collaborative
St. Louis County Public Health and Human Services
St. Luke’s Foundation
Whole Foods Co-op

2015 Donors:
Gerald Small
Anthony Rubin
Gordee Bennett
Amanda Peterson
Robin Hansen
Marlys Johnson
Marjorie Meyer
Ben Small
Gary Eckenberg
Melissa Starr
Sharon Rigby Osborn

2016 Donors:
Scherrie Foster
Gerald Small
Anthony Rubin
Josh Gorham
Gordee Bennett
Amanda Peterson
Marlys Johnson
Ben Small
Melissa Meyer
Jodi Broadwell
Jennifer Gorham
Darrell Gorham
Mary Cannon
Tara Dettle
Nancy Dettle

2017 Donors:
Sherry Doskey
Dennis Hammond
Jaime Martinez
Ben Small
Jodi Beckstrom
Gerald Small
Gordee Bennett
Tara Dettle
Nancy Dettle
Crystal Detlefsen
Stephen Elllis
Pam Franklin
Peg Johnson
Jodi Broadwell
Paula Urrutia