Circle of Security

Circle of Security Classes

Join us in Suite 108, on the second floor, from 5:00-6:00PM for Circle of Security Class Sessions. Classes offer Children’s Programming from 5:00-6:00PM and dinner from 6-6:30PM.  We bring our current classes to you in collaboration with: Community Action Duluth, Duluth Public Schools ECFE, Hermantown Proctor ECFE, and St. Louis County PHHS, with funding provided by the St. Luke’s Foundation. Past funders for training, classes and reunion meetings include the Miller-Dwan Foundation, Northland Foundation, Northland Foundation THRIVE, and Southern St. Louis County Family Service Collaborative.

Upcoming Circle of Security Class Sessions

Class Session 1: Mondays, January 22-March 19, 2018                                                                                        (no class on February 19)
Class Session 2: Mondays, April 2-May 21, 2018

Register online here  OR register with Paula by phone (218-409-7227) or email (

Circle of Security

The Circle of Security is a user-friendly map of child behavior and emotions.  Using this map helps parents answer the questions:

“Why does my child behave that way?”
“What do they need?”
“How can I best help them grow up?”

The Circle is based on 50 years of research and is being used world wide to help children be happier and more responsive to their parents, develop self-control, get along better with friends and teachers, and grow to be competent in adolescence and adulthood.

Class Description: The Circle of Security can help parents find the key and unlock the mystery to difficult child behaviors, giving parents renewed feelings of success and confidence.  In fact, it helps all of us parents feel the way we want to feel toward our children: Bigger, Stronger, Wiser, and Kind.

The Circle of Security class includes archived taped sessions of other real children interacting with their parents, providing good examples of your child’s moment-to-moment behavior.  Participants will have hands-on practice in identifying emotional cues, reading through miscues, and generating ideas for helping kids behave better.

Caregiver Goals: The Circle of Security approach is designed to help caregivers:

  • Discover what is going on inside their child during times of upset and misbehavior
  • Determine what the child needs in the moment to be able to calm down, listen, and learn
  • Choose a strategy to meet the child’s need and shape his behavior
  • Experience more love, cooperation, and joy form their children
  • Feel happier and more successful with their children

Children’s Programming: While parents are in class, trained Childcare Providers spend time doing activities with the children that will increase their ability to recognize how their bodies feel and their ability to calm themselves down during times of upset.  Children will work on being able to describe how they are feeling (Example: happy, mad, sad, tired, surprised, etc.) and learn techniques like deep breathing that will help calm their bodies down. Childcare Providers also do brain development activities with the children, like MeMoves and a variety of memory enhancing games.

Our Circle of Security classes received a Promising Practices Award from The University of Minnesota, DHS Office of Economic Opportunity, and Minnesota Community Action Partnership! Below is a picture of Deb Eagle, one of our Circle of Security Parent Facilitators, with the award… 🙂

Award Pic Debwebsmall